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Sedo Review

Sedo Review

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Sedo’s website connects buyers and sellers,making it simple for individuals and companies to acquire the domain names they need for their success and online presence.

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  1. Sedo do not verify if the domains that are on auction are still registered and owned by their current/previous owners. I once bidded for a domain that they had listed on their auction section and the auction for this particular domain was going to end in 7 days. 5 days after submitting my bid I was still the highest bidder and I decided just to do a whois check on the domain to find out who was the current owner of the domain. To my surprise the domain had not been registered on the day I submitted my bid, the domain was registered 2 days after I submitted my bid. I felt so cheated! that now I was to pay 10x the value of a new domain, because Sedo failed to verify if the domain that was on auction on their website was actually registered or not before the start of the auction. I contacted Sedo before the auction ended explaining to them what had taken place and asked them to remove my bid, but they didnt care, they referred me to the terms and conditions where it says its my responsibility to perform a check on the domain. But I do not agree with that, some responsibility has to be with Sedo as they are the ones who are listing the domain on their systems, and it through there service that we are performing the transactions, otherwise it ultimately means you cannot trust anything you see on Sedo. I eventually won the auction because Sedo refused to remove my bid but as I felt so cheated also add the fact the Sedo customer service were so terrible and just didnt care, I refused to pay. Sedo are now attempting to send debt collectors after me for collection of the commission they would have earned if I had purchased the domain.

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