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Digital Point Forum Review

The forum of Digital Point offer a category for Buy, Sell or Trade. Market place for buying or selling services, products, etc. This is the place for job offers as well.The website is very old and used for small website and domains...

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Latona´s Review

All transactions are closed through well known escrow agents. Latona´s expert dedicated website brokers will help customers analyze the fundamentals of each deal. Latonas feel that the buyer should know the net present value and his internal rate of return and other fun financial stuff. Latona’s has a huge list of subscribers to it’s weekly newsletter and an aggressive team of brokers ready and willing to take on the sale of the...

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Flippa Review

Flippa is one marketplace for buying and selling small websites. The roots of Flippa hark back to the original SitePoint Marketplace in 2005 (now SitePoint Market). While enterprising internet practitioners were listing all things Internet-related on the marketplace, the transaction volume of websites began to explode. Flippa was born when website listings were spun out of the marketplace in June 2009 to establish the world’s largest dedicated platform for buying and selling...

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