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BizBroker24 Review

BizBroker24 Review

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BizBroker24 was founded in the summer of 2010. The company is a brokerage firm that specializes in the merger and acquisition of online business. It is one of the earliest companies to sell business online in the United States and Europe.

BizBroker24 about themselves:

At BizBroker24 we specialize in the listing and sales of websites and internet businesses. Unlike conventional business brokers who mix the marketing of Internet based businesses in with their traditional business services, at BizBroker24 it is all that we do.

During our research we’ve spotted a lot of interesting properties that the company has on their Websites for Sale section. The listings page seems to be updated frequently.



  1. I was looking for a 100% drop shipping ecommerce business. I have sent them many Email because I wanted to review everything. After 4 Email I got the NDA and then the PDF (prospect). The prospect for potential buyers was really good,it has helped me a lot during the due diligence period and then I decided to buy it.

    I was able to speak in german with the european office (I am from Sweden).

    Long but very good experience!


  2. I highly recommend BizBroker24 to anyone looking for a broker! I was very afraid, scammers are everywhere!I will definitely use them again if I decide to sell any of my other websites.Have had good experiences! Thx!+++

    • I recommend Steven and his Team! Very professional approach.

  3. Working with Steve was a pleasure. He is very thorough, extremely detailed, and most importantly he listens to and respects the client’s requests.Once again thank you for all your hard work.

    Roman Kent

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